Happy Birthday to me..

Yay! I'm a year older!
Here are my demands! (Wishlist)


Useful for reading my Comic books/ Novels. Surfing the net. Sheer Joy of having one?

Nokia N8

Mobile Surfing to check out my blog, facebook and a few forums.

A live panda
Why? They're cute. Period.

These are the top 3 on my demand list (wishlist) 
The runner ups are:
-An Ibanez RG (yes I play guitars)
-A new lappy (file dump)
- Nikon /Canon DSLR (Stock factory)
-Nokia 5230 ( N8 alternative)
-A tablet (for graphics)
-A decent mouse (If I can't get a tablet)
-A new multi effects processor for my guitar
-Many things.....
-Lots of it

If you wish to help me fulfill my desires then click the donate button on the upper left cause I need moolah. (seriously im joking)