Happy New Year!

2010 is Gone, History, Toast but not forgotten. The year was an interesting one for me in a sense that life became much more interesting albeit challenging for a fledgling graphic artist. I found too many distractions hindering me from making more graphics and honing my craft, regardless I plan to ante it up in the coming year and  I certainly wish the year would welcome me with a smile and opportunities for me to go up the next level.

As any person would do in New Year, here's my resolution.

1.) I will strive to find opportunities left and right.
2.) I will give more time to arts (Graphics, Music and sorts)
3.) I will live life to the fullest, explore and explore some more...
4.) Learn new things.
5.) Learn Adobe Illustrator!
6.) Spend more time with my honey
7.) Spend less time gaming
8.) Spend less money
9.) Drink Less
10.) Quit smoking

Quite a daunting task but I believe I can manage.
Happy New Year Guys!


Happy Birthday to me..

Yay! I'm a year older!
Here are my demands! (Wishlist)


Useful for reading my Comic books/ Novels. Surfing the net. Sheer Joy of having one?

Nokia N8

Mobile Surfing to check out my blog, facebook and a few forums.

A live panda
Why? They're cute. Period.

These are the top 3 on my demand list (wishlist) 
The runner ups are:
-An Ibanez RG (yes I play guitars)
-A new lappy (file dump)
- Nikon /Canon DSLR (Stock factory)
-Nokia 5230 ( N8 alternative)
-A tablet (for graphics)
-A decent mouse (If I can't get a tablet)
-A new multi effects processor for my guitar
-Many things.....
-Lots of it

If you wish to help me fulfill my desires then click the donate button on the upper left cause I need moolah. (seriously im joking)

Filipino Graphic Designs 2

More eyecandies from Filipino artists while working on a piece on kingdom hearts' Organization XIII (sorry M&M, I almost forgot). Oh graphic Gods give me inspiration.. and stocks too!


Find Omni's deviations here


Esagasa on multiply


Esagasa + Baki + Ryuunosuke

Filipino Graphic Designs 1

When I started doing amateur graphic designing and photo-manipulations, these are the guys that inspired me to take up photo manipulations and invest in manipulating skills.  I'm posting their work here for further creative enlightening and for all  to see and be inspired as well.


Visit Akil's Photostream Here


Check out aboynamedmhark's  Facebook page Here

Visit Vinc's Site Here

Mark Agarin

Visit Mark's Deviations here

Aim True and Maim

While I was Forum hopping today, I went to PinoyDen.com and met an old acquaintance from another forum I was frequenting. He then asked me if I could make him some graphics concerning the site's DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) team. I made my way to google and searched for a Drow Ranger image and found the stock you see now. I then used Resurgere's stock on the background and a few brushes set it on the canvas and made a few tweaks and blurring, Voila.. Aim True and Maim was born.

A Watery Grave

A watery grave, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
After a few months of hiatus, a new piece has emerged! (though the stocks are old, YAY!) It took me awhile to find stocks suitable for this piece, blame my ISP, it turned out good in the end.

I used a couple of sinking ships found on google and used an old sea stock as a backdraft to the chaos happening on my piece. Look at the wonders a few adjustments and a soft brush and a few masks can do.

Why a watery grave? I've never ridden a boat before and I'm too scared to travel on one mainly because I fear the vast seas,  hence I did a piece on what I fear, ships sinking in the middle of the cold sea.