Art, Nature and my Bike

It has been 4 years since I've written stuff about my artworks(mostly digital), Now I have aged and have moved from one hobby to another, for the past few years I have sadly neglected my passion for graphics and Photoshop this was because I needed to get a life. I have worked in prestigious firms as a Customer service representative and in all those years I had forgotten to look at beauty and make works that I can be proud of.

In my days working, everyday travels were sadly, not cost efficient, stressful, time consuming, it was boring. I looked and saw my savior, It was a 125cc bike made by kawasaki! It solved everything!(being cost efficient is debatable since I needed to pay the dealer monthly + gas and gears) everyday commute was adrenalin filled, it slashed my travel time to half (aaah.. more sleep!) and stress? well, the roads and motorists here can kill you in when you forget brakes and side mirrors but hell, it made me feel alive! (even though I almost got killed thrice riding the thing) this 125cc beauty had made my life worth living (forgot about my wife there, yes I got hitched a couple of months ago).

So, this being an art blog(I got no new art! darn it!), let me show you my "slowpoke"  and it's versions.

V2 with upgraded seats, exhausts, rearset and wheels
Stock condition
She's a beauty right? spent a couple of hard earned bucks upgrading her and it was worth it! So moving from digital to real world art costs darn much but it's worth it!

V3 with Racingboy 3 spokes (unfortunately due to my accident the wheels seen here are under repair)
Moving from this bike to another matter, this bike has taken me to lots of places I dared not venture, it awakened the touring side of me that appreciates nature and travel and scenic routes and all. It got me interested in life.

The bike aside from being a nifty transpo in an overly crowded metro, has taken me to wonderful destinations, artworks in itself, sadly I'm lazy at taking pictures and I would rather breathe in and savor the scenes right before my eyes than tote my camera phone around.(buy me a go pro anyone?) Gained a few friends as well and I'm no longer the loner. Hopefully, future posts would consists of more rides and pics and I'll update with more pics as well!

Rock Streaming: The Grid and NU107 Cebu

From NU 107's ashes, The Grid.
Streaming live video by Ustream
Visit the community @






Video chat rooms at Ustream
These guys are commited to the bone to serve you rock music.  Please support or visit their USTREAM page and tune in to their streams. It's free, no need to sign up and stuff.  Rock music is not dead and will live on forever!

Happy New Year!

2010 is Gone, History, Toast but not forgotten. The year was an interesting one for me in a sense that life became much more interesting albeit challenging for a fledgling graphic artist. I found too many distractions hindering me from making more graphics and honing my craft, regardless I plan to ante it up in the coming year and  I certainly wish the year would welcome me with a smile and opportunities for me to go up the next level.

As any person would do in New Year, here's my resolution.

1.) I will strive to find opportunities left and right.
2.) I will give more time to arts (Graphics, Music and sorts)
3.) I will live life to the fullest, explore and explore some more...
4.) Learn new things.
5.) Learn Adobe Illustrator!
6.) Spend more time with my honey
7.) Spend less time gaming
8.) Spend less money
9.) Drink Less
10.) Quit smoking

Quite a daunting task but I believe I can manage.
Happy New Year Guys!