Same Direction: Collaboration with Liga Grafica's ESAGASA

This is my first collab piece. It turned out ok.. Sir Esagasa brought out what's lacking in my last piece, thanks to him it looked much alive than when I worked on this last. This was a nice experience for a fledgling graphic artist like me. Hopefully more collabs will come. For now enjoy Same Direction...

You can visit Liga Grafica on Facebook and at Pinoyrepublic

Same Direction

Same Direction, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Made this earlier and I used a few photos all over google a C4D by Angelus-Hellion of Deviant art and some cloud brushes.

Why same direction?
I made same direction with a vision in mind, today my girlfriend broke up with me because of conflicts with religion (though I don't really have any religion since religion breeds boundaries that will then fuel conflicts. I believe in  one God though) today is our month anniversary, 6 years and 5 months cut short. We walk the same earth we believe in the same being but interpret his teachings differently. We have one true God, why the need for religion and boundaries? Can't we believe without limitations? As shown on my piece all roads point to one entity or place, one true God but different paths.

This is the first part or first version, I sent my PSD to esagasa of Pinoyrepublic. I'll be posting his take on my piece when he's done.

BuX Clicker$ UB

Bux clickers requested for user bars to post on forums and the like.
I made two simple user bars today but I'll be making more soon. 
Happy clicking Bux clickers! I'll be clicking from the shadows. 

Image hosted by

Photoshop Mistakes

Looking for resources around the web, I visited you know who for searches. As I keyed in WEIRD, PHOTOSHOP on Google, these links popped out. I can't help but be curious. I found a three legged man (The more the better?), a model with a hidden secret (tail? manliness?! GASP!), a creepy hand on an otherwise good photo, a mutated girl that looks like she's really hungry and an overly sexy, I repeat OVERLY, EXAGGERATED sexy model. Blunders, Yes. Funny?, HELL YEAH!  But these blunders help to remind me that such blunders, no matter how inconspicuous they may be for a fledgling graphic artist like me, self checking is the key for great images and artworks. Is this too bright? Dark? Does it blend? Are my fonts good? Does the render fit the background? Does the background compliment the render? Am I overexaggerating this? Is this crap? Can I X-ray this?! (see previous post). These are basically some few questions you should ask yourselves before hitting the save button, well maybe not the last one.

Old LP: Reflection

 After my first real take at doing large Pieces (LP's), I tried doing another piece and used my newly acquired skill! REFLECTION!! 

 I used a Domo render from Planetrenders, tree brushes and roman's abstract brushes found on Deviant Art.

Old LP: My First Large Piece

  Made this a while back, this was my first  LP (Large Piece).I spent a few hours tinkering with my Adobe Photoshop  CS4 until I was sure that it turned out good. 

    I used a few tree brushes and mediamilitia's lighting brushes for this piece which was originally intended to be a black and white landscape. Until now this piece is still untitled, I named the file MASTERPIECE out of  excitement and knowing that I made a good piece at last.. HAHAHA.. 

   It turns out that I was still just a novice after all my sleepless hours spent on this project. Back to the woodshed for me...