Beauty and Madness

BeautyandMadness, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.

         Tried to make something fun and visual using this stock from Borj Meneses and a Domo render from

          Credits to Sir Borj Meneses for the lovely Photo and
 Ms. Epil.



         Made a second version from comments at I added bubbles, lightings and a rubber duck and more elements at the top of the piece and adjusted the brightness a bit.

This Piece now shows the Domo's bathing in the clouds while our subject watches them while the top piece denotes chaos and exile, Earth waiting for collision with a meteor while a deathstar (starwars, the deathstar is one creepy base) awaits destruction and a plane escaping the doomed planet.


Headache, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
I used AttempteStock's photo from Simple piece.. clouds and a bit of lightning brushes and masking.. voila.. headache!

One Snowy Evening

One Snowy Evening, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
I Used the geisha stock by ladylove7 of and a 3D ship at

Some Minor revisions done here at version 2. Thanks to sir Akil's comments at

One Foggy Day at Fiji

One Foggy Day at Fiji, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Been busy customizing my website and neglected my work.. just photomanips combining three photos into one.. not much work though..

Version 2
Darkened the grass a bit and burned the geisha stock

Version 3
Darkened the grass stock through curves, burned the geisha stock a bit and
apllied more blur to the background

Digital Inspiration

These sites inspired me to make digiarts.. I hope these sites will inspire you too..

100 Artworks from the Top 20 Designers in The Middle East and Africa

30 Photo Effect Tuts every designer would love

50 Really inspiring Photoshop Works

30 + Photo Manipulation Tuts

Fantasy Art Design
Free softwares, 3d wallpapers.. ^_^

Stock Images!

Media Militia
Tuts and Freebies galore!

Graphic Resources!

Old animated Tag : Iai Slash

This is an old animated tag made for roland001 for Tambayanspot..

Old animated tag

Used to make tags like this at Tambayanspot. Too much work so I focused on LPs.
Played with an old animated tag.. I could'nt make up a new design in this unholy hour.. Will just continue later, for now this should suffice as the blog header.

My Photoshop Brushes

These are Photoshop Brushes that  I have downloaded during my digital art excursions.. 

Credits to the authors of these brushes for their hard work making these.

Will post more soon. 

Techsandwich's Blog Ad

Made this for sir techsandwich's blog techsandwich solutions


Yna, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Had a request from a former classmate to digitize her pic.. Sadly Laziness has struck and finished just the headpart.. posting it.. I'll continue this soon..

Lighter Than a Feather

Lighter Than a Feather, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Made This after being inspired by the render ro make a fantasy themed LP, sadly i lacked stock photos to make one so.. I made this..

Escape Or Die Trying V2

Escape Or Die Trying V2, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Improved my latest work from inputs from reknowned filipino online gfx artists from the gray area of Pinoy Republic


escapev2, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Played again with a stock from and a british astute sub that I got from google.. Photoshop Rocks!

Happy Birthday Chay

Happy Birthday Chay, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Made this for my thesis partner's Birthday.. ^_^

Under The Moon

Under The Moon, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Inspired by fantasy digi arts all over the world.


escape, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Used Angelius-Hellion's C4D here and an astute submarine photo.. The Background is a 3D landscape that I got at




header, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.

I used a couple of headers recently but then I got bored with them. I finally made one though It took me a while (html problems and connection dropouts. Will make a new one sometime soon but I'll just be using this one until then.

Tags in an LP

Some of the tags I made to kill time and improve in photoshop. Two Birds with one stone.



After viewing countless vexel and vector arts on the net, I tried my hand and I picked this lovely lady as a model/render for my first vexel art. It took me 3 sleepless hours just to work this out.. phew..


LoGO, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
After viewing digital arts over the net, I decided to create my own logo using my initials EVBJr. Works of elmoactivo and aboynamedmark of distorted pixel inspired me..


adidas, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
A Moderator of a Forum that I am a member of requested for a background for his online shop. He mentioned black and red as its color, I applied a red-black radial gradiant and a C4D by Angelus Hellion on Regrettably, He did'nt want the BG I made.

Playit v2

Playit v2, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Version 2 of Playit..
I posted the v1 on and received helpful comments and constructive criticisms.. This was the final output.. I thank the guys on Pinoy Republic's gray area for ther C & C's..

Playit V1

Fwd: Playit, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Emulating digital artists

This one started when I was searching for a displacement tutorial over the net.. I stumbled upon a distortion tutorial.. I downloaded the necessary resources but came out lacking in skill to perform it..
The next thing I knew this was created out of it..