Happy New Year!

2010 is Gone, History, Toast but not forgotten. The year was an interesting one for me in a sense that life became much more interesting albeit challenging for a fledgling graphic artist. I found too many distractions hindering me from making more graphics and honing my craft, regardless I plan to ante it up in the coming year and  I certainly wish the year would welcome me with a smile and opportunities for me to go up the next level.

As any person would do in New Year, here's my resolution.

1.) I will strive to find opportunities left and right.
2.) I will give more time to arts (Graphics, Music and sorts)
3.) I will live life to the fullest, explore and explore some more...
4.) Learn new things.
5.) Learn Adobe Illustrator!
6.) Spend more time with my honey
7.) Spend less time gaming
8.) Spend less money
9.) Drink Less
10.) Quit smoking

Quite a daunting task but I believe I can manage.
Happy New Year Guys!


Happy Birthday to me..

Yay! I'm a year older!
Here are my demands! (Wishlist)


Useful for reading my Comic books/ Novels. Surfing the net. Sheer Joy of having one?

Nokia N8

Mobile Surfing to check out my blog, facebook and a few forums.

A live panda
Why? They're cute. Period.

These are the top 3 on my demand list (wishlist) 
The runner ups are:
-An Ibanez RG (yes I play guitars)
-A new lappy (file dump)
- Nikon /Canon DSLR (Stock factory)
-Nokia 5230 ( N8 alternative)
-A tablet (for graphics)
-A decent mouse (If I can't get a tablet)
-A new multi effects processor for my guitar
-Many things.....
-Lots of it

If you wish to help me fulfill my desires then click the donate button on the upper left cause I need moolah. (seriously im joking)

Filipino Graphic Designs 2

More eyecandies from Filipino artists while working on a piece on kingdom hearts' Organization XIII (sorry M&M, I almost forgot). Oh graphic Gods give me inspiration.. and stocks too!


Find Omni's deviations here


Esagasa on multiply


Esagasa + Baki + Ryuunosuke

Filipino Graphic Designs 1

When I started doing amateur graphic designing and photo-manipulations, these are the guys that inspired me to take up photo manipulations and invest in manipulating skills.  I'm posting their work here for further creative enlightening and for all  to see and be inspired as well.


Visit Akil's Photostream Here


Check out aboynamedmhark's  Facebook page Here

Visit Vinc's Site Here

Mark Agarin

Visit Mark's Deviations here

Aim True and Maim

While I was Forum hopping today, I went to PinoyDen.com and met an old acquaintance from another forum I was frequenting. He then asked me if I could make him some graphics concerning the site's DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) team. I made my way to google and searched for a Drow Ranger image and found the stock you see now. I then used Resurgere's stock on the background and a few brushes set it on the canvas and made a few tweaks and blurring, Voila.. Aim True and Maim was born.

A Watery Grave

A watery grave, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
After a few months of hiatus, a new piece has emerged! (though the stocks are old, YAY!) It took me awhile to find stocks suitable for this piece, blame my ISP, it turned out good in the end.

I used a couple of sinking ships found on google and used an old sea stock as a backdraft to the chaos happening on my piece. Look at the wonders a few adjustments and a soft brush and a few masks can do.

Why a watery grave? I've never ridden a boat before and I'm too scared to travel on one mainly because I fear the vast seas,  hence I did a piece on what I fear, ships sinking in the middle of the cold sea.

Two Swords and Death

Tried doing something gory and action packed at the same time. I used ladylove07's geisha stock at deviantart.com and fringefx's dark stock's for the beheaded body and the head. The truth is, I ran out of stocks, I tried to find some dead samurais on google to no avail,  it turned out quite good in the end.


Version II
Added Orbs and few adjustments..

Something is Missing...

I'm struggling to finish this untitled piece which took away a few hours of my day..

I reedited and scrapped and remade it again.. lol..  Does anyone have ideas on how to finish this?

Did I ran out of ideas? Stocks? Is it Good? Is it Crappy?  Am I hungry? Do I need to drink Booze?
Forget about the latter two items above..

Goodbye to Romance

goodbyetoromancenosite, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.

Tried creating something dark using FringeFX.net's dark stocks. I added a bit of blur for the depth and a bit of adjustments to make it more darker. Cheers ^_^

dA PRO Digital Artists Backpack

Cool Bag.. dA has outdone themselves with this one. Enough pockets to fit your arsenals, a hidden gadget compartment, it can fit 17" laptops and has foam paddings for protection! It even has its own RAINCOAT!!

The price? $89!  thats 2 weeks allowance! A good buy though. Now on to job hunting again and skipping alcohol binges.

visit the item specs here
dA PRO Digrital Artists Backpack

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.

 After weeks of not doing anything creative, I tried to do a Wizard of Oz inspired theme.  
The stock was rendered weeks ago and was almost forgotten and locked away on my vault until I accidentally found it on my hard drive. This piece is still incomplete but I decided to post it anyway. I'll add things as soon as I download enough stocks. ^_^ 

Unsolicited Advice

unsolicitedadvice, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Played with a stock recently downloaded along with a 3D Background from CGArena.com and a really good smoke brush which you can download here.

Credits to the owner of the stock, I'll thank him online but I ca'nt seem to find a name to thank.



After A few weeks of looking for work for a few weeks and drastically failing, a few jedi mind tricks from my girlfriend and a sour relationship, I made this to focus my attention and improve as well.

I used RESURGERE's cosmos stock photo from DA. and a stock from  the emotional stock bundle from Pinoy Republic.

Here's my new release.. RELEASE.. (redundant.. I know)

Same Direction: Collaboration with Liga Grafica's ESAGASA

This is my first collab piece. It turned out ok.. Sir Esagasa brought out what's lacking in my last piece, thanks to him it looked much alive than when I worked on this last. This was a nice experience for a fledgling graphic artist like me. Hopefully more collabs will come. For now enjoy Same Direction...

You can visit Liga Grafica on Facebook and at Pinoyrepublic

Same Direction

Same Direction, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Made this earlier and I used a few photos all over google a C4D by Angelus-Hellion of Deviant art and some cloud brushes.

Why same direction?
I made same direction with a vision in mind, today my girlfriend broke up with me because of conflicts with religion (though I don't really have any religion since religion breeds boundaries that will then fuel conflicts. I believe in  one God though) today is our month anniversary, 6 years and 5 months cut short. We walk the same earth we believe in the same being but interpret his teachings differently. We have one true God, why the need for religion and boundaries? Can't we believe without limitations? As shown on my piece all roads point to one entity or place, one true God but different paths.

This is the first part or first version, I sent my PSD to esagasa of Pinoyrepublic. I'll be posting his take on my piece when he's done.

BuX Clicker$ UB

Bux clickers requested for user bars to post on forums and the like.
I made two simple user bars today but I'll be making more soon. 
Happy clicking Bux clickers! I'll be clicking from the shadows. 

Image hosted by servimg.com

Photoshop Mistakes

Looking for resources around the web, I visited you know who for searches. As I keyed in WEIRD, PHOTOSHOP on Google, these links popped out. I can't help but be curious. I found a three legged man (The more the better?), a model with a hidden secret (tail? manliness?! GASP!), a creepy hand on an otherwise good photo, a mutated girl that looks like she's really hungry and an overly sexy, I repeat OVERLY, EXAGGERATED sexy model. Blunders, Yes. Funny?, HELL YEAH!  But these blunders help to remind me that such blunders, no matter how inconspicuous they may be for a fledgling graphic artist like me, self checking is the key for great images and artworks. Is this too bright? Dark? Does it blend? Are my fonts good? Does the render fit the background? Does the background compliment the render? Am I overexaggerating this? Is this crap? Can I X-ray this?! (see previous post). These are basically some few questions you should ask yourselves before hitting the save button, well maybe not the last one.

Old LP: Reflection

 After my first real take at doing large Pieces (LP's), I tried doing another piece and used my newly acquired skill! REFLECTION!! 

 I used a Domo render from Planetrenders, tree brushes and roman's abstract brushes found on Deviant Art.

Old LP: My First Large Piece

  Made this a while back, this was my first  LP (Large Piece).I spent a few hours tinkering with my Adobe Photoshop  CS4 until I was sure that it turned out good. 

    I used a few tree brushes and mediamilitia's lighting brushes for this piece which was originally intended to be a black and white landscape. Until now this piece is still untitled, I named the file MASTERPIECE out of  excitement and knowing that I made a good piece at last.. HAHAHA.. 

   It turns out that I was still just a novice after all my sleepless hours spent on this project. Back to the woodshed for me...

Beauty and Madness

BeautyandMadness, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.

         Tried to make something fun and visual using this stock from Borj Meneses and a Domo render from Planetrenders.net.

          Credits to Sir Borj Meneses for the lovely Photo and
 Ms. Epil.



         Made a second version from comments at Pinoyrepublic.org. I added bubbles, lightings and a rubber duck and more elements at the top of the piece and adjusted the brightness a bit.

This Piece now shows the Domo's bathing in the clouds while our subject watches them while the top piece denotes chaos and exile, Earth waiting for collision with a meteor while a deathstar (starwars, the deathstar is one creepy base) awaits destruction and a plane escaping the doomed planet.


Headache, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
I used AttempteStock's photo from DeviantArt.com. Simple piece.. clouds and a bit of lightning brushes and masking.. voila.. headache!

One Snowy Evening

One Snowy Evening, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
I Used the geisha stock by ladylove7 of deviantart.com and a 3D ship at cgarena.com..

Some Minor revisions done here at version 2. Thanks to sir Akil's comments at pinoyrepublic.org

One Foggy Day at Fiji

One Foggy Day at Fiji, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Been busy customizing my website and neglected my work.. just photomanips combining three photos into one.. not much work though..

Version 2
Darkened the grass a bit and burned the geisha stock

Version 3
Darkened the grass stock through curves, burned the geisha stock a bit and
apllied more blur to the background

Digital Inspiration

These sites inspired me to make digiarts.. I hope these sites will inspire you too..

100 Artworks from the Top 20 Designers in The Middle East and Africa

30 Photo Effect Tuts every designer would love

50 Really inspiring Photoshop Works

30 + Photo Manipulation Tuts

Fantasy Art Design
Free softwares, 3d wallpapers.. ^_^

Stock Images!

Media Militia
Tuts and Freebies galore!

Graphic Resources!

Old animated Tag : Iai Slash

This is an old animated tag made for roland001 for Tambayanspot..

Old animated tag

Used to make tags like this at Tambayanspot. Too much work so I focused on LPs.
Played with an old animated tag.. I could'nt make up a new design in this unholy hour.. Will just continue later, for now this should suffice as the blog header.