Goodbye to Romance

goodbyetoromancenosite, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.

Tried creating something dark using's dark stocks. I added a bit of blur for the depth and a bit of adjustments to make it more darker. Cheers ^_^

dA PRO Digital Artists Backpack

Cool Bag.. dA has outdone themselves with this one. Enough pockets to fit your arsenals, a hidden gadget compartment, it can fit 17" laptops and has foam paddings for protection! It even has its own RAINCOAT!!

The price? $89!  thats 2 weeks allowance! A good buy though. Now on to job hunting again and skipping alcohol binges.

visit the item specs here
dA PRO Digrital Artists Backpack

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.

 After weeks of not doing anything creative, I tried to do a Wizard of Oz inspired theme.  
The stock was rendered weeks ago and was almost forgotten and locked away on my vault until I accidentally found it on my hard drive. This piece is still incomplete but I decided to post it anyway. I'll add things as soon as I download enough stocks. ^_^ 

Unsolicited Advice

unsolicitedadvice, originally uploaded by jinkaiser13.
Played with a stock recently downloaded along with a 3D Background from and a really good smoke brush which you can download here.

Credits to the owner of the stock, I'll thank him online but I ca'nt seem to find a name to thank.



After A few weeks of looking for work for a few weeks and drastically failing, a few jedi mind tricks from my girlfriend and a sour relationship, I made this to focus my attention and improve as well.

I used RESURGERE's cosmos stock photo from DA. and a stock from  the emotional stock bundle from Pinoy Republic.

Here's my new release.. RELEASE.. (redundant.. I know)