Photoshop Mistakes

Looking for resources around the web, I visited you know who for searches. As I keyed in WEIRD, PHOTOSHOP on Google, these links popped out. I can't help but be curious. I found a three legged man (The more the better?), a model with a hidden secret (tail? manliness?! GASP!), a creepy hand on an otherwise good photo, a mutated girl that looks like she's really hungry and an overly sexy, I repeat OVERLY, EXAGGERATED sexy model. Blunders, Yes. Funny?, HELL YEAH!  But these blunders help to remind me that such blunders, no matter how inconspicuous they may be for a fledgling graphic artist like me, self checking is the key for great images and artworks. Is this too bright? Dark? Does it blend? Are my fonts good? Does the render fit the background? Does the background compliment the render? Am I overexaggerating this? Is this crap? Can I X-ray this?! (see previous post). These are basically some few questions you should ask yourselves before hitting the save button, well maybe not the last one.


goyo said...

FAIL! Wahaha. Gusto ko din matuto magphotoshop.wiw. isa yan sa mga matagal ko ng plano,pero wala akong time.wooh..

JinKaiser13 said...

Give time po sir goyo ^_^ 30 mins-1 hour is enough everyday.. basta familiarize yourself with the tools, then in comes your designs and inputs.. a few minutes lang to learn kahit a few tools sa photoshop ^_^
hoping to see your works soon sa site mo ^_^

jh3riz24 said...

I have to say but I've done that kind of mistake myself lolz....but already fixed. this is funny