my beginner work at photoshop

Lately I've been trying my hand at Foruming through an acquaintance's home forum which was later banned due to unforeseen events. We then continued foruming in Exile at our moderator's friend's site here

I was then invited to the GFX TEAM/DESIGNER which is responsible for crafting images for the site's netizens.

here are my beginner works which consist mostly of buttons and userbars(All that I know).

I made this with the image below on my mind. I figured, How about doing two layers of buttons? It turned out quite well.

Looks much like a sword. This is my first real try at creating buttons..

This looks like an adult stuff.. I could'nt help but laugh when I see this.
I just googled a button tutorial for photoshop and found an informative one, and hurriedly made this button(adult gadget?)
One more red cirle and this button would require censorship.

Sir Johnscan1982 asked me if I can make a CPA themed userbar for him.
It was Later that I found out that He was just joking about him being a CPA.

This is the TS site's logo. I animated it out of boredom.